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Harbinger EVC

Charging Hardware Re-imagined

Together with DieHard® EV Charging, we have brought you the most sophisticated, yet, easy to use hardware in the world paired with, EVPassport, the premier EV software system in the Country. Together, Harbinger EVC is bringing you the most best EV charging experience to fit your business needs.

EV charging hardware
and software platform for your business

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Harbinger EVC
is disrupting the
EV Charger economy

No inflated costs or convoluted leases — just simply the best charging hardware and intuitive software, with the most seamless driver charging experience and fastest revenue making opportunity on the market.

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Meet the Harbinger EVC Cloud Platform

Simplify your EV charging enterprise and experience through a platform that allows you to set prices, manage access, get details on energy usage, earnings history, and so much more.

EV Charging Management
Software Re-invented

Charging Infrastructure for the next generation

Resulting in a modern, elegant, customizable charger equipment that is best-in-class for reliability, durability, and safety.

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Charging Hardware


Why do EV drivers
prefer Harbinger EVC?

It’s called no nonsense charging.

No more apps, cards, fobs, memberships, or unreasonable top-ups needed to charge an electric car. Drivers simply scan the QR code on the charger to access and pay.

Charging Experience

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