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What NEVI Means for You
February 17, 2023

National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Program (NEVI) funding is quickly beginning to take shape in every State across America, so it is important to understand what it takes to implement, be compliant, and the process to secure funding. Today, the White House outlined updated requirements for customers that are looking to install EV chargers across the United States, helping meet the goal of installing 500,000 new chargers and creating millions of new American jobs.

We're proud to say EVPassport is compliant with the NEVI funding requirements, so allow us to take you through it.

  • No App Required - EVPassport is already the leading provider of EV charging solutions that do not require drivers to download a mobile app or create an account simply to charge their car. Scan the QR code with any smartphone and use Apple Pay, Google Pay, or a credit card.

  • Real-time Availability - We're big believers in APIs with real-time data, so much so we provide the data to anyone that asks. Drivers can discover and view availability information for EVPassport chargers directly inside Google Maps, Apple Maps, and many more!

  • OCPP and OCPI - The federal government has mandated that any funds being used for NEVI chargers must follow the industry standard set of protocols, Open Charge Point Protocol and Open ChargePoint Interface. Not every EV charging provider, such as offline chargers, are compliant. Every EVPassport charger, Level 2 and DC Fast, is compliant from day one. When selecting a provider, ensure to ask if they use OCPP and OCPI.

  • Uptime - We're leading the pack with network uptime, with a third-party audited 99.97%, beating the required 97%. EVPassport is the only provider with a public status page so you can see the results for yourself.

  • Made in America - EVPassport's Cloud products are designed to work with an array of EV charging hardware to best suit your needs.

Furthermore, we believe chargers should be accessible to all EV drivers, which is why we have announced that in late 2023, we will be providing a Tesla Connector (NACS) option across our lineup. Customers will be able to tap into NEVI funding by providing industry-standard J1772 and CCS but also allow Tesla drivers to top-up without the need for any additional adapters.

At EVPassport, we believe leading the charge means setting the right direction with our customer experience from day one and building on it to ensure your drivers are receiving a best in class experience years into the future.

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