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Cloud Platform

Frictionless, intuitive
EV charger management.

We’ve made it it simple for EV charging station owners to operate and manage their charging environment. 

Set charging prices, manage access, get all the details on energy usage, earnings history, carbon offset, and more!

Set Prices

Easily setup and manage the price you charge drivers to utilize your charging stations. Adjust whenever you want or have autopilot automatically based on various factors.

Manage Access

Public or private, resident or guest; how your EV charging stations show up and are accessible in the world is entirely up to you.

Monitor Energy Usage

Understand the energy usage of each of your EV charging stations either one by one or across your properties.

Revenue & Payouts

Monitor revenue and designate a payout bank account to receive ACH deposits every quarter.

New vs. Returning

Get a quick snapshot of new verses returning drivers to help drive growth and target customers.

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